Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grandparents Day

Friday was Grandparents Day at Connor and Kaelene's school. Fortunately, Connor and Kaelene have their 'Minnesota Grandma.' Helen is a dear friend of ours. Wade went to science camp (yes, you read that right) for years with her son and she has been family since we have moved here 9 years ago. Helen graciously attended the whole day event. And Wade and I were lucky enough to have her for lunch in between visits to the kid's classes. I forgot to take any pictures so I included this recent one. We had had dinner and camped at Helen's amazing farm in September. We are smiling because our bellies are full of good food and smores. We love you Helen. Thanks for always being there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Day of School

These pictures of Connor and Kaelene are the perfect example of the personality differences of these 2. Kaelene was super-excited and ready for anything. Connor was excited but nervous. When it was time to line-up and go in. Kaelene was waving and saying something like, "Ok Mom, you can leave now."

Connor, who started 2 days before Kaelene, and is a second grader wasn't sure about lining up by himself so I waited until the bell rang. And then as tears welled-up in his eyes he begged that I come in with him. I hesitated, wanting him to do it himself but I decided that I would do it just for today. Then the next day, as I dropped Connor off I waited in the
car to see if he was ok. I suddenly lost sight of him so I looked all around to see if he'd found someone to
play with. Well, just then I hear a knock on the passenger-side window and Connor says, "Mom! DRIVE AWAY!"
And that is
how it
goes...Connor is always fine once he figures it out but Kaelene is the one that just dives right in. They are so different but I couldn't love them individually more!

P.S. This is Kaelene's glass of milk that she left on the table at breakfast. I couldn't help but get a bit emotional because I knew she wouldn't be coming back anytime soon to finish it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

For the Love of the Game

Have you ever seen a cuter football player in your life? His smile says it all because Connor LOVES every single moment of playing this fun game. Last weeks game was cold and raining. This weeks game it was snowing and the wind was howling. Other kids could periodically be seen walking off the field, crying and climbing into their Mom's laps because they are so cold. Connor, on the other hand, just has this look on his face.

Today he had a bunch of quarterback sacks, tackles and blocks. Connor told me after the game that when he blocks and his team mate goes onto score that it's his touchdown too! I'm sure he heard that from his coach but I love that sense of teamwork he's learning.

Go, Connor Go! Can't wait for the years to come!

P.S. Steve, Mike and Brad-This brings back so many memories when you guys played at this age!