Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, I've decided: I'm not much of a blogger. I have such good intentions. I think about things to blog everyday, all day but as you have seen, very few of my thoughts ever make it onto my blog. But I love keeping in contact you so I will continue to check your blogs and add to mine when I can.

Another confession. Connor is 7 and I have tried periodically for the last 3 years to teach him to tie his shoes. Sounds easy enough, right? Well each teaching session inevitably would end with tears. Either mine, Connor's or both of us! I couldn't figure it out. I learned in what seamed like no time. Connor picks up things OK, so what is the big deal?! I must confess I finally turned to YouTube for help. While watching one of the videos I realize that I AM LEFT-HANDED!!!! And I've been teaching Connor left-handed. Poor, Poor Connor. No wonder we've both been frustrated. Duh! I immediately apologized profusely to Connor. Making sure he knew all the failed attempts at shoe tying were my fault. Then, I taught myself to tie RIGHT-HANDED. (Go ahead, try it with your other hand, it's harder than you think!) 5 minutes later....BAM....we have a tied shoe! It's amazing how hard I can make things sometimes.

P.S. After writing this, Connor showed his Dad his newly aquired skill. Apparently Wade ties his shoes left-handed too even though he's a right-hander! Unbelievable! Sorry, Connor, you never had a chance!