Monday, July 5, 2010

It's So Hard...

'To Say Goodbye'

The Boyz II Men really had it right... cheesy but right. Anyone that knows me, knows that I loathe goodbyes. I'm just not good at them. My ugly cry sometimes surfaces. You know, the one where my face wrinkles up in a way that can only be compared to Gollum. Sigh....well anyway, here is a pic of some great friends I met at the park the day before we rolled out of town on June 11. (Pictured, left to right: Summer Gunn with baby Avery, Angie Poulson, Sarah Childs, Me, Valerie Buman, Carolyn Hanson, and Jen Brewer) Taken by 5 yr old Ben Brewer!

Another friend Adrienne Dangerfield came later. We've been friends since 2003, which is a long time for an area so transient.

I had to get this picture of Summer and I. She is more stylish than I, but it was so funny that we wore the same skirt that day. FYI, it was really windy that day, my skirt was doing its own thing.

I love you guys!