Friday, June 25, 2010

Ward Talent Show-Take One

Back in April... our ward put on a talent show. My little family always wants to participate. Last year, Connor and Kaelene did a stand-up comedy, Kaelene sang a spanish song while Wade played his guitar. This year Wade couldn't attend (he was off taking his final boards...he passed...woo hoo!) So Connor, Kaelene and I all did something. It was fun. Here is what Valerie Buman (baby bear), Angie Pulson (momma bear), Krystine Greer (papa bear), and I (Goldie Locks) put together. I should mention that this skit/song was originally composed by my always cool sister, Pam and her jazz group in High School. We tweaked things a bit, but we had fun with it.



birdmama said...

Wow, Steph! Who knew you could sing like that?! You're unbelievable!

Carolyn Hanson said...

Thanks for posting. :)

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't called you back yet. It's been kind of busy around here and the time difference keeps throwing me off. But yes, we had tornadoes last week and in fact are under a severe warning as I write this now! It's scary! I'll be calling you soon!

Weber Family said...

so fun steph!!! I've never heard you do that part!! You sound just like rebs!! I didn't know you had such an awesome voice

Dan Weber said...

Steph, I had totally forgotten about this skit! Y'all did it such justice and brought back so many memories of us doing this growing up. Well done!

Dan Weber said...

I agree-- Steph's voice sounded great!